About Me

Hello everyone,

Here at SDSD, we combine cutting-edge nutrition research with top chef’s best culinary techniques, so no diet-restricted person feels deprived again.

I have experienced that living with allergies often means having anxiety while eating or losing interest in eating due to dietary restrictions. Years of my life I have struggled but slowly, after lots of peer-reviewed research, I have found many solutions to cook for diet-restricted people in a way that is more empathetic to their mental health.

I hope you ride along this journey with me. Together, we will learn to craft meal plans that delight the dietarily-restricted person with safe substitutes that are scientifically engineered to replicate the taste and texture of commonly craved items.


My Background

With my allergies, sourcing organic foods has been essential to living a normal life. When I lived in the Philippines, however, finding any organic food became a problem. Staple substitute ingredients like almonds aren’t readily available, so I had to put in a lot of extra effort to constantly source foods locally. I had to substitute pili nuts for almonds, even processing my own cassava for flour replacement.

I slowly found ingredients native to the Philippines like moringa and coconut oils that have helped me understand organic certification standards from around the world as well as the supply chain of food.

With no organic certification and farmers uneducated about what “organic” means, sourcing meant you needed to get to know your farmers. It was only after finding someone who understood organic farming that I was able to get produce I would not react to. He could explain to the other farmers the specifics of growing organically and explain the higher demand for it, and, on our end, we gave all profits to the farmers and ensured there was consistent demand to sell these products before it spoiled. Engaging with the community to try to help in this way, I have felt a connection to the Filipino people, the land, the food that reaffirms my goals of creating equity for my people in the Philippines by creating accessible means of nutritious food and education. This is the energy I would like to manifest into this blog to help people like me. I hope you find it useful in your life.

-Lucas Kahn