Humidifier Impact on Allergies

This blog is centrally focused on consumption of nutritious and delicious recipes that exclude common allergens. But it is important to point out that even though you may not be directly consuming a food allergy, you could still be consuming allergens through other methods like simply breathing. On average, a single person takes about 20,000 breaths a day, and if the air is polluted with any toxin or natural allergy, chances are high that one of these breaths will intake an allergen. It is very hard to monitor the air you breathe 24/7 throughout all the different places you may be during the day, but you can manage your environment well when you sleep at night. When I was in the Philippines, the area I was in was highly polluted and the ventilation system in my room was unable to filter out much of the pollutants.

Breathing in air with higher humidity is one way to relieve symptoms and allergies which is why I decided to utilize a humidifier. A humidifier is an electric device that pumps moisture into the air which prevents an allergen from traveling far. I would suggest using a humidifier regardless of your location, especially if your room may contain dust, pollen from open windows, indoor pets. Studies show that the optimum level of humidification in a room to be effective is between 40-50%. It is possible for it to be too humid and facilitate an environment for mold and dust mites. It is also important to remember that humidifiers cannot cure allergies, however they can help with symptoms. 



  1. dqinsaat

    I’ve been using a humidifier with my allergies for years, and I can confidently say that it has been a lifesaver.

  2. mleumsantos

    It really makes a world of difference when the air is dry and you can’t breathe very well.

  3. kianeleslie

    I have been dealing with allergies for over 20 years now and was never able to find a solution. I was skeptical at first but when I started using the humidifier, my symptoms were cut in half!

  4. pauaelmer

    I am so much better and would recommend one of these to anyone with allergies!!

  5. junecrlo.segovia

    If you suffer from allergies, I recommend investing in a humidifier, especially if you live in a dry area!

  6. mabuc_ph

    The air in dry areas can get really dried out and the lack of humidity can really impact your allergies.

  7. elexpe

    One day my allergies were getting really bad and so I bought a humidifier for my room at night, and it helped me so much!

  8. mhenne_ktk

    I was always skeptical about the claims regarding humidifiers and allergies. However, now that I have been using a humidifier for the past few months, my sinuses feel clearer and my allergies are non-existent.

  9. llod.nulud

    Wow I had to stop using it for a couple of days because I was going on vacation, and all of a sudden, my allergy symptoms came back.

  10. roninranola16

    I never knew a humidifier could help with allergies until I tried it for myself.

  11. fonitakumi

    Our house has had an issue with our furnace not working as well in the winter, and we’ve had to use our humidifier more than ever before. It was strange at first to adjust to the humidity, but after a few weeks, my nose stopped itching and my throat stopped feeling dry

  12. nimish

    I got a new humidifier and my allergies went away. I’m not sure if there is a direct link but I am so happy to have peace of mind while sleeping.

  13. sobrrac1202

    I have been using a humidifier in my bedroom this winter and I am amazed by how much better I feel.

  14. nlnd.inv

    I usually get allergy-induced colds that last for weeks, but since getting my humidifier, I haven’t had any of those at all – it’s an incredible change in my health! My only regret is not purchasing one sooner.

  15. christnejoybalitaan

    I live in a city with terrible humidity and my allergies were getting worse every year. I was looking for any way to improve my quality of life and stumbled across this humidifier post

  16. riu2021

    Since I’ve been using a humidifier, I can breathe easier, my allergies are not as severe, and it has significantly improved the air quality in the apartment.

  17. fianalo

    I would recommend that anyone traveling to an area with high levels of air pollution try this. It’s worth it!

  18. ibara.arcilla

    I know it’s not always possible to have a humidifier due to the lack of availability of fresh water, but when I found out that the humidifier is one way to help alleviate allergies and keep my sinuses healthy I was elated.

  19. jpet011

    The best part is that it doesn’t take much – just fill up a small container with water and put it into the humidifier

  20. djelic

    I highly recommend humidifier impact on allergies, it has helped my asthma immensely!

  21. miares_ma

    I was suffering from allergies and so my family bought a humidifier. I was skeptical, but we were desperate. The humidifier made a significant difference in how my allergies felt.

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