Sausage Mix

This one is a quick and easy one folks! I like having sausage seasoning on hand just like I love having a taco seasoning on hand. If some ground pork looks good at the store and/or is on sale, then I know I can come home and quickly cook up some mean sausage patties.

In this recipe, the ingredient that gets my taste buds tingling is nutmeg. For lack of a better word, it definitely is nutty. But it also has this flavor and aroma that you can’t get anywhere else. It’s like extra savories that rounds out the sausage.

And of course as a spice its packing health benefits too. Nutmeg has a whole host of antioxidants to help cellular repair, including cyanidins, phenylpropanoids, and protocatechuic, ferulic and caffeic acids. Nutmeg consumers can also benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties from monoterpenes and anti-bacterial properties. It’s no wonder nutmeg is used in herbal medicines.


  • 2 oz salt
  • 5 oz black pepper
  • 2 oz nutmeg
  • 1 1/2 oz sage
  • Honestly, you can add so much here from paprika for smokiness, fennel seed for that Italian flavor, cayenne for spice…this sausage mix is yours!


  • For 3 lb. ground pork, use 1 ounce of sausage mix
  • Mix the seasoning throughout the meat
  • Shape into patties
  • Heat a pan on the stove at medium heat and oil
  • Add patties and cook 2-3 min each side, or until brown



  • GFCF – gluten free casein free
  • SF – soy  free
  • DF – dairy free
  • EF – egg free



  1. 64melaeye


  2. bcpedia16

    GREAT seasoning, wonderful

  3. twicleIde732

    you are a blessing

  4. deelai8t

    appreciate the variation tips! I love a good Italian sausage

  5. bcpedia16

    Nice to be able to control the spices the family enjoys!

  6. deelai8t

    I think I need to buy some mason jars to store this and your other seasonings

  7. twicleIde732

    yassss their taco seasoning was bomb dot com

  8. johnykiez

    how is this so easy?? how did i not know??

  9. twicleIde732

    simple and easy, how cooking should be

  10. johnykiez

    no cooking is easy for me! i always manage to burn or knick myself

  11. twicleIde732

    ever try an air fryer?

  12. johnykiez

    what’s an air fryer? sounds oily

  13. twicleIde732

    not oily at all! unless you spray a lot of oil. it’s like a toaster oven, but way better

  14. johnykiez

    fascinating. our old toaster oven crapped out on us a few years back. caught on fire so we noped it outta there

  15. twicleIde732

    thats….unfortunate…. but rare? sounds really old or not cleaned for awhile

  16. negosaeem87

    I air fry sausages all the time, can recommend

  17. johnykiez

    okok, survey says, get air fryer

  18. negosaeem87

    one of us, one of us

  19. bcpedia16

    i’m so inspired to try other variations on this, maybe a bratworse or polish sausage!

  20. da1here245

    patties or sausages…..GO!

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